What motivated the creation of this organization?

This organization was born in the department of Caquetá, as an initiative of a young Afro-descendant woman, after being a victim of forced displacement in 1997.

The motivation is the need to help people who suffer the scourge of different forms of violence, discrimination and racism and to generate OPPORTUNITIES for the historically impoverished Afro-descendant population. For the organizations, the family is a priority, with emphasis on affirmative actions aimed at improving the quality of life and building dignified life projects for young people and women based on the recognition, conservation and dissemination of the identity of the black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palanquero communities.

About Us

We are a non-profit organization of black communities, created in 2007 (16 years) in the department of Caquetá, with recognition from the Ministry of Interior as a grassroots organization of communities NARP. We work from two strategic lines: Culture and Human Rights and 15 lines of action called legacies, in which our programs are framed: Leadership, literature, ethnic aesthetics, gastronomy, traditional ancestral medicine, Human Rights, spaces for participation and transformation, dance, music and song, food security, oral tradition, historical memory, Viche and ancestral beverages, income generation and socio-organizational strengthening.


Mejorar la calidad de vida de las comunidades NARP y suprimir las desigualdades sociales producto de la discriminación, la intolerancia y el racismo.
Conservar las tradiciones culturales y celebraciones que nos enseñaros nuestros abuelos quienes llegaron desde barbacoas Nariño y nos legaron las manifestaciones la diáspora afro, la guerra nos expulso de nuestro territorio (ese pequeño pacifico en la Amazonia) y con ello se rompieron vínculos familiares y una gran riqueza cultural, hoy desde la Urbe luchamos para que lo que nos legaron nuestros abuelos, sus cantos, música, gastronomía, medicina tradicional ancestral y hasta su estética en trenzas y peinados perdure.


Work in synergy in the preservation and dissemination of the identity of the black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquero communities for the protection, guarantee and full exercise of their rights and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people in vulnerable conditions in the national territory.


By the year 2030 FUNAMU Foundation will be an international reference in the development of its "15 legacies" or lines of action: Leadership, literature, ethnic aesthetics, gastronomy, traditional ancestral medicine, human rights, spaces for participation and transformation, dance, music and song, food security, oral tradition, historical memory, Viche and ancestral beverages, income generation and socio-organizational strengthening, in articulation with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Where do these actions take place?

Although we carry out activities in the different municipalities of Caquetá, our actions are developed mainly in Florencia Caquetá.

Although the population is dispersed, the families that are linked to the foundation are mainly located in the following neighborhoods and villages: Floresta, Ciudadela, Malvinas, bocana, Nueva Colombia, Torasso, Troncal del Hacha, Nápoles, Americas, Libertad, Raicero, Victoria, Adela corrales, Atalaya, La Y, Rodrigo Turbay, Sinaí, Timmy, ventilador, Centenario, Eden, Esperanza, Ricaurte and in the rural area: Vereda la granja, Villa Colombia and Villa Susana. These families come mainly from the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Choco and Nariño. Most of the families are located in vulnerable sectors of the city, in strata 1 and 2 and even in subnormal settlements.


We have 16 years of experience in the implementation of projects focused on: preservation and cultural dissemination of black communities, income generation, food and nutritional security, strengthening of socio-organizational processes, peace building, promotion and protection of the rights of children, adolescents and youth, guaranteeing the rights of women and vulnerable populations. We have executed contracts with national entities such as the Ministry of the Interior, Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), National Open and Distance University (UNAD), Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Interior, among others, and international donors: GIZ, USAID and IOM, we are members of the IDB network of organizations, of the leadership network of the Manos Visibles corporation, of the Colombian Network of Places of Memory and we have a framework agreement with the University of the Amazon.

Our Values

Love for what we do

Purpose with which we do all the processes..


We prioritize the involvement of women, young professionals, ethnic experts.
We are an intergenerational team which privileges the integration of scientific knowledge and ancestral knowledge.


We are a grassroots organization that was born within the framework of the armed conflict and that transcends to a platform of growth for the being, where the story of pain was transformed into an opportunity for improvement.

Respect for the territory and the environment

The territory is life, our actions seek to care for and conserve this planet as life itself and propose solutions to the negative impacts of human beings on nature.

Sense of belonging

Funamu is a platform from where each individual can be free from their individuality with a feeling of identity in the collective project.


We are generators of opportunities.


We prepare ourselves and assume commitments according to our capabilities and potential.


En the processes

Social and economic development

We seek to contribute to the social and economic development of our region based on needs and opportunities.

Great Solutions

We start from the premise that better is always possible and we propose solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

Freedom to express an opinion

We are diverse and inclusive, that is why we consider as a richness the difference of opinions that allow us to build from different perspectives.


Preserving our essence, we adapt to changes.

Care of being

We prioritize integrity and care for the well-being of our employees and beneficiaries.

Ongoing training and qualification

Keys for the processes of overcoming and adaptability.

Democratization of information

We seek to make information and opportunities available to the entire population, especially to the most remote areas.

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Contact Us

Florencia - Caquetá,
Street 3B # 14 - 18 Versalles Neighborhood.

(+57) 313 833 4513


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